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Oldham & Rochdale Badminton League

The Oldham & Rochdale badminton leagues have been available to all level of players for the past 60 years or so. Badminton is a great social sport that enables all players of all abilities to participate. There is no age limit for our sport, players start as young as 4 and enjoy the sport well into retirement age.

All New Players and New Clubs are Welcome

All forms of sponsorship appreciated :-)

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Oldham and Rochdale Badminton League

Welcome to the official site of the Oldham and Rochdale Badminton League. We are one of the longest standing badminton leagues in the North West, formed originally in 1950’s after a group of friends decided to form a competitive mixed doubles league. Its fair to say we have had our ups and downs but today we are enjoying a resurgence of interest with our open league now expanded to 3 Divisions and teams from across Oldham and Rochdale joined by new teams from Bury and Edenfield. Because its an open league, any combination of men and women can play as long as they can regularly field 6 players. You will find on our web site details of all the current clubs, when and where they play and you are welcome to contact any of them or me as the league chair if you are interested in playing at a club. Most clubs will welcome people to come down and give it a go before you decide if its for you and a smaller number of clubs run social badminton during the evening where you can practice, make friends and have fun whilst getting fitter. If you are interested why not get in touch and try it out. You might already play regularly with a group of people and be looking for more competition and challenge. If so then you are ideally placed to enter a team or possibly play some friendly matches against existing club teams just to see where you stand. If so please get in touch The league starts playing match fixtures at the end of September and plays through until the end of March. A number of clubs do play social badminton throughout summer.

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Badminton is an International Sport

Badminton is played throughout the world. Its a great sport for ALL ages. Within the UK we have a great historical track record and have produced olympic medalists. We encourage young players. Within our locality there are junior and adult badminton clubs. There are also performance centres and academies all which will be accessible from this site.

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Come Join Us

We are looking for new teams and clubs to join us can you help!There are six people to each team (but we suggest that you have eight people so you have extra players for any eventuality). We play Monday to Friday evenings and we can help you find a venue if required.Juniors and ladies more than welcome.All our clubs started somewhere and we can help you to almost any extent to get you started. We have as few rules as possible as our intention is to play badminton not politics.Your standard is of little consequence as every new team has to start in the bottom division and work their way up.

Important Aspects and Benefits of the Sport of Badminton

Active , Fitness , Health , Fun

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Keeping fit and healthy should be a priority for everyone. Raising your heart beat and frequently exercising helps with all round body fitness. Badminton also helps to exercise the mind.

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Running , cycling , swimming are just 3 ways of keeping trim and fit. Badminton of course is another great way in which to keep yourself fit and active.

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Health and Fitness

We all want to stay healthy and fit so what better way to improve your overall health and fitness by playing badminton.

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Badminton is just a great sport and can be played by all people of all ages. Play badminton in the garden , sports hall or sports centre. A great game for all f the family to enjoy.

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All New Players and New Clubs are Welcome

3rd April 2019 No Comments

ORBL 2018/2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The league AGM is coming up and as a committee we have come up with a few new rules/rule amendments we are going to propose to the league. The committee’s proposals are as follows: 1) That a maximum of 2 players only can be registered on the night of a match. 2) To bring forward the last date for player registrations to the end of January(unless brought to the attention of the committee due to […]

28th March 2019 No Comments

ORBL Presentation Night 26th April

Just a gentle reminder to everyone that the presentation night is on the 26th April at 7:45 pm this year and we need to know how many people are coming. Please don’t wait until you know if you have won something or not as we need the support of all the league and its members and friends to ensure that we get a good atmosphere on the night. Please book places and pay the £6 […]

28th March 2019 No Comments

Handicap Final

In a final postponed from November due to injury, Ali Asghar and Sameer Qadri faced Haider Ali and Abdul Raheem. This was the ORBL Handicap final and Ali and Sameer played excellent badminton on the night to win 21 – 16 and 21 – 7.