Rules and Regulations-“The Serve”

Following on from Gary’s e-mail, the Committee discussed this issue once again last night.  In relation the illegal serving, I have been personally witness to this in recent matches and without exception they are back handed serves.  I am sure everyone knows the rules but I have looked up a link to a useful You Tube video which very clearly demonstrates what a legal and illegal back hand serve looks like.
Could all club secretaries please bring this to the attention of their players that serve back hand in particular as it appears to be a growing number of people who serve this way and consistently do not adhere to the rules.
At club level we do not have umpires watching the game so it is important that team members understand the rules and help to ensure that we all play fairly.  This may from time to time lead to challenges between players who are on court and in the heat of a game, but I would expect the watching players to take a reasonable position on advising their team mates as to whether or not they are serving illegally.